Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Photography Inspiration

I would say what I want to share today is more than just photographic inspiration. This is pretty 'life' inspiring too. This is determination, courage, strength and the will to go on. It might be obvious, but I'm talking cancer here people.
Have a look at these stunning images from David Jay, created to showcase the after effects of breast cancer, and having a mastectomy.

A gallery exhibition of the images, with what I think this is one of the best one-liners ever;
 'Breast Cancer Is Not A Pink Ribbon'.

The images shot for the campaign look stunning so large and in a gallery format. They're striking aren't they!?

When I found this lady, I browsed through a few of her archived blog posts, and stumbled across this. I think that this is where this fashion photographer, David Jay, sets himself apart from everyone else. He is doing something a bit more, a bit different, and certainly a bit special. 

David Jay, the man himself.

What do you think? There are quite a large number of images that I haven't shown here, but I wanted to give you a brief idea of the images shot for the campaign, as well as the campaign itself. I hope you found it as inspirational as I did, and be sure to check out the website or the book.

Abiento x

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