Thursday, 28 April 2011

Self Portrait Photo's

This weeks self portrait doesn't have much of a theme. I could invent one if you like though? This is how I see myself at work (did you hear that- work!? Yup that's right, I got a job- finally!! More on that come soon) in the mirrored bar. This is how I liked my hair this week, amongst lots of thoughts of not liking my hair. (ironic, no?) This is what I'm focusing on. The real me. My thoughts and dreams. This is what the mr considers to be his favourite part of me. I like to focus on that sometimes. I think my hair looks nice and shiny in this pic, my eyelashes look cool, and the colour of the room behind me worked well with the image overall.

Like I said, I can attach many things to this image, but in the end I chose it cause I liked it.

Abiento x

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