Thursday, 28 April 2011

Two very cool things and some photography inspiration

This week came up trumps very early on. For starters, I got a job! (I had to leave my job when I went to Canada) and secondly, I have secured a place with this lovely lady (who I went on and on about here...!) on a workshop she is holding in London in July! I am so so stoked about both of these things (but obviously the workshop ALOT more!) and cannot wait!! The work news itself is kinda interesting to those who care, and rather boring to those who really don't. But it happened, and lucky me it's good and within walking distance. So I'm a happy bunny, and very much looking to getting my first pay check! (I'm now down to 2 pounds in my purse, but luckily have a fully stocked fridge!) Either way, a good week so far!

But onto more interesting things- are you watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow? Oh wait....... I said more interesting!! Sorry :). hehe

This is what you come here for.... the inspiration and the images.  Have a look at Liu Bolin's work, and his project, the invisible man. He spends up to 10 hours (!!) per shoot, painting himself to blend into the background of a scene. He becomes practically invisible in some of them!

What do you think? Honestly, in the image with the JCB, it took me quite a while to find him! I think they are brilliant :). 

Abiento x

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