Thursday, 3 March 2011

Self Portrait Photo's

This weeks self portrait is a product of me being braver. I took quite a few photos that I was pleased with over the weekend in anticipation of this post, and it took me a few days to pick which one I was actually going to use. While I was living in Canada I had a few hormonal problems that cause me to put on nearly 2 stone of weight. I tried and tried to lose it but not a single pound dropped off, despite eating very little and exercising daily. When we left to go traveling it started to fall off easily, but it slowly crept back up. At the moment my self confidence is gaining again, I'm feeling more comfortable as myself, and am starting to care less about the need to lose weight. I know I need to, and I will do. But right now I'm enjoying myself, and enjoying not putting any pressure on myself or feeling like crap.

So, this has been a large reason why the self portrait project was a big deal for me. Finding a way to take a picture of myself that actually looked good seemed impossible when I started, and I didn't really want to have any pictures of old ugly me. I'm the annoying photographer who gets to hide behind the camera, not be in front of it. But slowly I'm getting there.

This is all me. My face. My eyes. My lips. All in the picture. :) I'm quite proud really. I finally did it. :)

Abiento x

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