Thursday, 3 March 2011

Comparison of two cities.

My comparison project will be a comparison of two "homes" Cornwall and Canada. This blog however is a running comparison of Paris and New York. Two big and famous, highly cultural cities. The prints are pretty genius :)

I have a reasonable understanding of French, so the titles add a lot of extra humour for me, and for that reason I have added them above each image. If you don't have any understanding of French, then head of to the blog to look at them, and I'm sure your web browser will have a translate option.

Le Cafe

Le Metro

Le Taxi

La creature

La romantique

La Conversation

 Le Temple

Les Mains

Le Snack

La Barbe


La Balade

Le Charmeur

Le Parking
All images were taken directly from the Paris vs. New York blog

Abiento x

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