Friday, 18 February 2011

Weekly Word Photo: 'Atmosphere'

Last week brought Cornwall a lot of rain and misty weather. When I was driving back from Simon Green's studio in Penzance, it was soo foggy. I could barely see where I was going. I was so focused on getting some photos (quickly) of the great postboxes that I had seen in a village on my way there for my comparison photos that I didn't even think about trying to take a photo of the mist. Sadly the next day my sister Jenny suggested the word 'Atmosphere' for my weekly word photo. So annoyed at myself. I was instantly gutted that I had missed out on that photo.

As the week went by I was thinking that I would have to change the word and come up with something new. However when I was editing the images from a shoot of Simon Green's that I was lucky enough to observe I thought that this fitted the bill rather well.

Hopefully you will agree.

What gets it for me is the feet and legs. Ready to pounce and get into action. Waiting. Ready. Especially Kevin's on the far right hand side. He's so energetic and eager. Like a tiger waiting to pounce....

I have to admit though that this is not what I had imagined for this word. So at some point I'm gonna revisit it so that I can do justice to the image in my head waiting to be made.

Abiento x

P.S There will be lots of images from this shoot on the way soon. I took nearly 700 on the day, cut that down to about 150 and began editing! It took me pretty much all of yesterday afternoon and evening and I have to say I'm really pleased with loads of them. Can't wait to share :)


  1. Can we see the postbox ones too, please?!

  2. well there's one already been up and it's on flickr too- there are more but I'm saving all the comparison one's til I've been to Canada and the images to compare them with! Otherwise everyone will see the images, and then see them next to another image. Which isn't quite as interesting as being shown it for the first time as a comparison. Sorry.


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