Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Funny Photos

One of my oldest friends parents just got a new kitten for her sister. Cara's rents let Lia choose a ginger boy. They asked Lia what she thought of when she thought of orange or yellow things, and she said Mango's. So, low and behold, Mango moved in.

I babysat for Lia last Friday night, and by this point they had only had Mango for 2 days. He was rather shy to begin with, scared by Lia's excitement to see me, and spent a lot of time hiding in plant pots and under pillows or behind the sofa. Then when she had unwillingly gone to bed, I found him, and cuddled him for a little bit. By 10pm he was going crazy! He is the funniest little kitten ever, and is so inquisitive and hyper, constantly fidgeting and talking, even when I was stroking him. He spent and hour and a half just running around the living room chasing himself, bumping into furniture, mewing at me, trying to drink my water and screaming at me some more! He investigated every single part of the room, climbing up and around all the furniture. Every now and then he would come up to and mew, and ask for attention, but then when I went to reach for him he would run away scared! Then climb up the sofa and start rolling around on his back with his little paws in the air, all stretched out. I had so much fun watching him while I was catching up with things.

Sadly I was in so much of a rush when I left home, that I forgot to take a camera with me :( So I have no cute pictures to share of either little one, but I did find these on a A Cup of Jo and they reminded me so much of him :)

Aren't they brilliant?! I love how they look like they're standing that way in the bottom picture, and how they look almost normal in the image below

Their eyes don't even look confused or scared. Just blank. Like- 'what are you looking at? This is totally normal behaviour......'

Abiento x

P.S As usual the images shown here belong to the artist mentioned or linked. I found the above images linked by Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo. They are not her, or my work. 

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  1. Lovely pics but a mega shame you forgot to take your camera with you.... :( !!


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