Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Being A Parent

I really love the way that Ryan, from Pacing the Panic Room, talks about his kids and his parenting skills. both of these recent posts brought tears to my eyes when I was reading them.....

The first post was about how his daughter Tessa views the world as the sibling to someone with Smith Magensis Syndrome. View it here if you would like.  
The second was about a recent small triumph of LB's that made both his parents extremely proud and happy :) View it here if you want.

The above images are the images he posted alongside the posts, and as usual are his work, and are copyright to him.

He and his wife Cole think about everything when it comes to the way in which their children are growing, and this is only enhanced by LB's illness. Ryan also talks openly about all of it. It's not only rare for people, men in particular, to openly talk about their emotions and the many thoughts that they put into daily life. I think it's also kinda beautiful :) It really is touching to read their story.

I have babysat and nannied for a fair few kids in my time, a few of them quite regularly. You often can pick up on little things that could have more attention paid to them, and can help out if you have the time. But I do also sometimes wonder if I could have done it better than them. But with work, and life, trying to raise a kid properly is the hardest thing ever. And the scariest. You want to make a perfect human, rather than adding to the annoying bullies/chavs/murderers/generallybadpeople that infest our country. I think its the scariest thing ever. I live for baked beans in a can, going out, sleeping, and spending my money on material items. But I do love these posts, and wonder what kind of parent I will be when I become one....

Abiento x

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