Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lots of new images!!

I racked out 4 rolls of film last week! These are just a few of my favorite....

The last photo (above) is another good representation of last week for me. My cold is still thriving, I have a stonker of a runny nose, and on my days off I just lay in bed not breathing and watching tv! Now that I'm working 5 days straight again, I sadly don't have time for that! We went out to dinner for a friends 21st, out clubbing for another 21st, babysitting for a friends sister etc etc etc. and we are slowly running out of food to eat in the cupboard but no time to shop! So for breakfast tomorrow I will be having a pot of jelly......... satisfying!

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  1. Maybe you need to do an online grocery shop and have them deliver it...?!
    Sorry to hear you've had a cold - hope it's gone soon. xx


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