Thursday, 15 March 2012

[What] can I do?

Yesterday I decided to discover what I can do in Photoshop for my project. My first main concern was that  I would struggle to get the colour blending I hoped for by over-laying geometrical shapes. I found that by altering the opacity of the shapes I could indeed do exactly what I wanted! This was pleasantly suprising, and reaffirming for me. It showed me that I can and should be able to do exactly what I want to with my designs in photoshop. It is now more about what my knowledge will allow me to do, not what my ability or tool (photoshop) will allow me to do.

What I love about this is how the over-lay of the shapes almost in itself creates a pattern. The new shapes and colours that are created really excites me. 

Next, I decided to continue this idea by comparing this with less of an over-lay of the shapes.

While I still like this layout, and think it could work as a background (perhaps with negative or white shapes/pattern on top), when I first looked at it I found it to be too much. Strangely the many many shapes formed in the first layout makes it a bit of a blur and a haze, making it easier on the eye. Whereas this layout gives more for the eye to follow, possibly making it too much information? Am I right? Or is it actually the other way around? I need some distance and outside perspective to see this for me.

And so from there I decided to see what this layout would look like with more negative space (in colour). This would leave room for a pattern as a background as well as the one in the foreground. 

Here I went with a colour theme to keep the pattern slightly simpler. However I do feel that this could work well with each of the 3 squares in each set being a different colour. That was a risk I didn't want to take when I was creating the layouts in photoshop, but feel that I should have done. 

Abiento x

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