Thursday, 15 March 2012

Journal Day 114

So today was more about experimentation; bringing the drawings in my sketchbook out into the open on a worksheet to allow me to see them all at once, and have the space to play around with them a bit. What I learnt was that so far I have been playing it safe, sticking to flat colours and marker pens when working on paper. I need to play around more and take risks; using different media such as paint and collage. Something Jane has been trying to convince me to do for a while....

I also tried layering colour by use of colouring with pencils ontop of the marker pens to see what happened- I was pleasantly suprised! What came about was experimentation with colours, the discovery that great new colours can be made, and that yellow seems to brighten and enrich any colour. At last I'm opening up to the idea of risk taking and can see how it will help me. I can see how this project could/is unfolding and I'm really excited!

Abiento x

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