Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Journal Day 97

So it's once again been a few days since I have written anything in my journal, and I have finally been feeling well enough to do the mass of worksheets that needed to be done in preparation for getting into the print room. By now when you look at the collection of worksheets they all look very samey, and this is something Jane brought up in my tutorial session today. They all use the same colours and have repeats of the same patterns and ideas. This however has come as a direct result of firstly being pleased and satisfied with my choice of patterns and colours and also of wanting (and being told) to explore the range of options with those in terms of finding a product focus. This week I hit the print room and, having pre prepared some striped and colorful fabric, I began printing onto it. I chose to print a collection of street signs, a city sky line and an individual print choice.

My choice of colours; pink, blue, green and yellow- all in pastels

All with slightly smudgy colours, and overlapping colours (creating new colours)

After printing them it is obvious that the street signs need some experimentation, they look stale and bland on their own.

They city sky line is open to lots of experiments, and I am playing around with adding rectangles and squares behind it (to match it), in various colours and on various places of a set piece of fabric. Jane has suggested that I pick a shape and size of fabric on which to create a series of patterns each with variations. For example, same pattern different colour combos.

So after experimenting for another day in the print room I will do this on Friday. Jane has also suggested that I end this project this week and start a new one next week, just a short one for the week to experiment in the print room with pattern and colour. Essentially extending the final portion of this project.

onwards and upwards

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