Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome to 2012.

So, every year since we entered this millennium there have been rumors about the world ending. Luckily however we have made it. We have made it through hurricanes, tsunami's and a 10 year war. 2011 saw a lot of disaster for many people across the world. It did also see lots of smiles.

 Luckily for me however, I did not personally feel any of that in my life. 2010 ended rather un-dramatically, and I was not particularly happy, but throughout 2011 I have slowly fought my way back. My body has begun it's journey back to being itself after suffering with an under active thyroid. I am now halfway through losing the resultant weight I gained. I have also started to figure out what I want to do with my life. After leaving UBC in late 2010, I had no idea what to do with myself. And so I turned to photography and began this blog. 2011 has seen both flourish with excellent feedback. As the year came to a close, both have been left by the wayside slightly. I took the winter off to focus on myself more and paid less attention to both. And while I'm happy to let my photography stay as a sideline adventure, I'm not so happy to do the same with this blog. On a successful day in 2011 I had somewhere up to 150 readers. This made me proud and happy :) Sadly you guys don't come a visitin' that much any more, although I am grateful to those of you who do. And so I want to add this blog to one of my priorities this year. It can be one of my resolutions.

As today is the 4th, most resolutions across the world will have been broken by now. So I have waited to until now to even think about mine.

In no particular order;

1. Pay more attention to my blog; have at least one post a day (on weekdays) as well as an introduction of more weekly posts.
2. Drop another dress size. I'd like to reach a size 12 before easter! (That gives me 13 and a half weeks so should be more than do-able!)
3. Go to Italy.

I don't really make many New Year's resolutions, but I would like to make a few monthly resolutions to begin with.

January 2012:

1. Finish my new website (I started this a couple of months ago and am yet to finish it! eek!)
2. Write a good essay for my course.
3. Pick up my camera more often- especially now that I have a spanken new one!
4. Stay dedicated to working out, and tailer my workouts more to my weight loss- i.e do more cardio!

What about you? Do you have any goals for the year, the month or even just next week!? I hope I can achieve all that I want to.

Abiento x

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