Thursday, 5 January 2012

A change is coming

So the standard new year new blog blurb would probably fit in here perfectly, but instead I'm gonna get right to the point. The blog is getting serious. Or rather I'm getting serious about the blog. Each regular post will now be on a set time of it's set days, making it easier to know when to come a visiting. This is scheduled for handy UK times, even though I know that most of my lovely readers are from North America. Sorry guys!

Just cause, you know, it's true!

I will also be bringing back the Weekly Word Photo project, as I don't want to do another 365 project when mine ends in February, but still want a focused and controlled photography project to help develop my skills and help me to get to know my new camera. This time however it will be done with more knowledge, interest and skill- plus obviously a better camera and editing software! I started the project originally when the blog was an infant, and didn't always pay it the attention it deserved. Hopefully this time around it will not only last longer but will be much better! I would like it to have a connecting theme however and

I chose to restart the Weekly Word Photo project after evaluating why I didn't like the 365 project, and what I could do to change it;

  • I felt restricted by my own choice of subject. Taking a photograph to represent my day can be very tedious and boring. Frequently I photographed things just for the sake of it, and on the days where I did nothing, the images became boring and un-creative. Not what I had intended. Plus I often end up using my phone as I can't be bothered to cart my DSLR around with me everywhere I go! 
  • I didn't like the daily task added onto my routine. Some days I would get to the end of the day and feel guilty for not taking a photo, resulting in me taking a rubbish photo!
  • Taking a photo of your day often requires taking photos of people, which I get embarrassed doing. Often, to compensate, I would take photos of relevant objects to create a tenuous link to my day.
However I did enjoy the documentary effect of the project, and in 2013 would like to try again (from January to December) to have a full calender year that I can then put into a photo-book or similar.  Having the restrictions and discipline there, although not always enjoyable, did also mean that the photos got taken. It forces it out of you but sometimes that's the only way to get things done. 

I'm looking forward to the new project starting at the end of February and coming up with a good theme for the images. Any suggestions!? 

The new year will also see more of my journal posts (until I finish the foundation course) and more info on the workouts I'm doing, and the food I'm eating as I continue to lose weight. The onset of winter has seen my weight hit a plateau, and now that Christmas is over, it's time to kick it up a notch!
With a rough time-line of losing 20 lbs (or reaching a size 12- whichever I get to first) by late June/early July I am not starving myself or dieting, I am continuing with my chosen exercises at my local gym, plus netball twice a week and some healthier foods! Plus I want to start running again; mainly to improve my cardio. Wish me luck!

images found here, original here

Yes I do zumba. Every monday night thank you very much. And yes I look like that. I am grateful for all the people in front of me blocking my view from the mirror! Very grateful. 

Abiento x

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