Monday, 16 January 2012

Living out of a suitcase

I'm away! Again! My amazing friend Sophie commented that I practically live out of a suitcase :) I kinda like that about my life :).

I'm in Berlin all of this week, and most likely won't be reaching a computer until Saturday afternoon when I resurface from my slumber. So, instead, to keep those of you interested occupied, I have a week of interesting travel places lined up! Each day I will be sharing a unique and interesting place to visit, some places I have been, others I haven't but would love to one day! Hopefully you will enjoy it and it will inspired the travel bug in you :)

First up, is this amazing hotel in Finland, designed to give you a snuggly view of the Aurora lights. I have always wanted to watch the lights, and am slightly fascinated by their beautiful colours.

There are loads of different hut options, but I would want to go full out for the greenhouse style igloo that gives you a perfect view of the sky as you lie in bed, although I have to admit that those bed sheets might give me a bit of a headache!!

Apparently, as well as a restaurant and sauna, the hotel also has an ice bar and chapel! So if you wanted, you could get married there! (I always secretly image that the mr would want a wedding in the snow!) I think it would make for the perfect wedding night to lie there watching the Aurora lights, although I only just learnt that they only last for a couple of minutes! I had no idea!

Have you ever been to an ice hotel like this? I'd honestly love to add it to my bucket list, although I haven't been brave enough to look at the price list yet!

I did however brave it to the FAQ section of their website, to discover that they recommend doing a short amount of exercise and then eating chocolate before going to bed to ensure staying warm at night. Perfect!

Abiento x

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