Friday, 20 January 2012

Living in Luxury

If there is any kind of holiday I have ever wanted to take, it is to a luxury resort, on an island, to stay in a floating hut over the sea. With the glass floors and sunken relaxing areas just like this one. And oh look, the Hilton offers a similar hut in Bora Bora! And lucky for us there seem to be quite a few in Bora Bora, according to this list.

Found here

Plus of course, if you're going to be living in luxury, you might as well fly in luxury, and I've made it one of my top 10 do before I die things, to fly first class, long-haul on one of these flights :

Air Canada

Singapore Airlines

Now admittedly that may only be to Canada, but the idea of having a bed and being able to stretch out on that long 10 hour flight honestly seems like heaven to me! All I ever want to do after the 24 hour journey (door to door) is not be squished up!! Ahhh what it would be like to be rich....!!

Abiento x

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