Monday, 30 January 2012

Journal Day 86

As lacking in writing here as usual, and as stumped for words as usual. However I am feeling stuck with the project. I am done worksheets and worksheets of illustrations; generally repeating the same patterns and the same illustrations with variations of pen and ink, collage and pen, fabric paint and ink and will continue with watercolor and pen. However I am repeating the same illustrations over and over again- it feels stagnant but I have few illustrative ideas that will work for this manner, and many of my other ideas involve layers that I'm not sure how to execute into samples. So far I have made them with simple pen drawings on tracing paper, that create layers put together to create one whole image. Interchangeable parts to add to or tell a story from one of my photographs. I can only think that glass would therefore be the best way to move that kind of work forward, but have no idea where to start with that or how to add colour- do i simple scratch the designs into the glass as if I were going to create an etching? I have no idea! Plus I would love to be able to turn my illustrations into a piece of fabric or a surface pattern of some kind but don't want to screen print it. I can, I just don't really want to. I would however like to try printing it with a digital fabric printer.

As for a final outcome, I once again am stumped. I like the illustrations and feel that they could form quite a few retail-able products but time and time again I seem to choose colours that scream 'child'. Last term in my project with the house I chose the same colour palette, and only realised it today. Even then, in that project, I chose to use pastels and bright colours with cute patterns on, as I often did during my A-levels. Why is it that I choose to emulate the colours of kids. Am I obsessed with kids- or just the sweet and happy colours that so easily represent them? Do I just want the happy colours to rule over? Why do I not design with sophisticated colours- adults shades of grey with smaller hits of bold colours such as orange and pink? Why the pastels? It is starting to feel slightly repetitive when I look back at it like this, and am not sure how to push myself and it further. My photography is so different to this- so why did I choose to be creative with such a soft style of art? Why am I even in art school when I am so focused on creating products suitable for a small business. I know I am focusing on planning a business and know what I want to emulate for that, but I am creating art- or even designing products. I'm designing for toddlers, children and families. Essentially. What does that say about me and my creative drive or focus!?

I am however highly enjoying finding my own style of illustration and of telling a story with simple line and colour drawings. Translating that into a textile is nice, although I really don't want to be stitching and hand printing it all myself.

Abiento x

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