Monday, 30 January 2012

It's Monday! (Again)

Oh it's Monday again! I feel like I'm dragging my feet a lot at the moment- taking time off has been a really bad idea to be honest. A month off at Christmas, followed by Berlin and a week of illness has totaled in 6 weeks in chilling out. Plus with the mr having two weeks off from work he has been a huge distraction to me; it's much more fun to hang out with him than do a project I don't really care about all that much...!

Anyway, it's monday, and so there is work to be done, tons of work to be done, friends to catch up with, a cold to get over and an essay to write! Eeek! Anyway, I'm gonna crack on and come back later :) Good luck with your week, wherever you are, hopefully it will be less stressful than mine!

Abiento x

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