Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Journal Day 82

I haven't written in my journal much lately... over christmas I did lots of little sketches and ideas and began taking an interest in adding simple patterns onto plain objects from daily life to make them prettier. One of these in particular was street signs, something that I often photographed in Canada for comparison photos. With this I have been exploring a more illustrative style that I am really enjoying. Alongside of this I have been writing lots of notes next to the illustrations, therefore exploring more of a typography interest and style. I am discovering new ways of incorporating text into the work, and also designing fonts for myself (many of which I'm sure already exist somewhere!)

Some of the sketches also included simple designs for prints- of the type that could be screen printed and sold for art work in a home.

After christmas I began playing around more with color work, as suggested by my tutor. I struggled to come up with ideas before christmas and felt restricted to creating the colors myself with paint which would not only be a lengthy process but would be a huge struggle for me as I do not enjoy or succeed much with paint. So, after being inspired by these designs;

I decided to create my own.

From here I will spend some time removing the stripes from the images to create just color images that can then be fiddled with to show how different colors affect each other; brightening the other or making it seem darker. Once I have completed this digitally, I will attempt to recreate some of these designs with paint; whether that be water-color, fabric paint or both I'm not yet sure!

Meanwhile I am developing the street sign ideas by adding color and collage- creating texture and brightness to the designs. Color is my main focus for these designs and is something I have been striving to enhance in my work.

I am really enjoying this process at the moment and am pleased with how everything is going!

Abiento x

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