Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I've got the munchies.

I like food. Me and my siblings like to joke that it's a family trait. "Oh yes, your definitely a Gregory if you like to eat!" "Us Gregory girls have all got big bums!" is the kinda thing you could have heard us say often.  However when you grow up living in a house with a vegetarian who is yeast intolerant, you learn to eat healthy. Plus then you yourself become lactose intolerant and boom half the worlds food is restricted from you. Luckily, over the last couple of years I have transferred from vegetarian to pescatarian, generally now only not eating beef and lamb. I have slowly come to like meat, and can now handle the odd bone or two. (Thank you South-East Asia!) And so my range of foods and cooking has become slightly more varied. It probably helps that I live with a ravenous carnivore.

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But as I have been slowly losing weight, my always healthy diet has had to be focused slightly. I'm also now cooking a lot more for myself, particularly as I'm working less at the cafe and can't rely on two tins of tuna and tin of baked beans for the week. Fruit is now a staple in my diet also. Lots of it! I bought two packets of blueberries, a packet of frozen raspberries, 2 bags of bananas, a bag of oranges and a bag of apples last Friday. Plus a tin of pears and one of pineapple chunks. In the space of five days I have eaten all of that, spare for 2 bananas and an apple. Yummy! And as the weight loss comes off, and my experiments with food continue, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite meals and recipes.

Now, sadly, my ugly kitchen and the gloom of winter is going to make any photos I attach to these posts look depressing and rather unappetizing. So bear with me, and come back every Wednesday morning for another recipe :)

Abiento x

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