Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Journal Day 29

Fabric printing for textiles workshop was yesterday- a busy and fun packed day! We worked as a group, with stencils to create screen prints with fabric. Using coloured inks we hand-mixed, we would apply our print over and around another persons, moving it down the fabric to create a length of repeated pattern.

We then made larger stencils and experimented with flour and other materials to create textures in the colour of the ink.

I loved it! As expected after the last print workshop, and am really enjoying the idea of working further with print- in fabrics or wallpapers or the like. And will definitely be continuing to work in this way, especially with the second format of my multi choice project.

As I'm sure I have already mentioned, I am most enjoying and attracted to the colours,patterns, textures and shapes. Something which I further explored today in the packaging workshop. We were to create packaging that represented our identity. And after much brainstorming about myself; jotting down things that I like as well as certain personality traits I posses, I developed an idea that really could be anything.

It could be used for packaging a product, or it could be used for a piece of art. Or it could even be used to make a doll house.

Essentially, I have always loved quirky illustrations of buildings; their bright colours and varied details with beautiful, old fashioned architecture. And I found that many of their qualities could represent my own, and so would work well as a representation of my identity, especially when designed with some of my own traits and quirks in mind. At present I have begun the drawing and designing stage and will develop it further to add in my own details. I will then make it into a 2d fabric version of the houses, either as a print or as the beginning stage of a doll house. The doll house (if ever made) could then be used to further showcase my personality through the interiors of the house- with my favourite foods in the fridge, and my favourite books on the shelves for example. Photos of this work to come over the next week or so as I develop it! But for now this was the initial inspiration, an illustration by Julia Rothman in this 'book'.

Abiento x

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