Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Just thinking and brainstorming in preparation for my illustration workshop next week, and quite appropriately this popped up on my blogger feed-

Thanks Miss Moss for being so timely!

Sketchy, but colourful, like fashion illustrations.

Particularly love the skin tones- blues and purples all merging together with the hazy white background :)

Such great, popping colours! Very simplistic but delicate

Delicate, rustic, careful language. Sweet and deliberately simplistic.

Great use of darker colours, reminiscent of print work. Love the yellow lines of interest leading to the subtler sky.

Merged and hidden, subtle and beautiful. Less is more. Blurry and hazy, yet clear as to what is being expressed. 

Delicate, light colours of pencil sketching. Layers of translucent. Similar to a photo from fashion week, but so much more intimate as a sketch.

Just love the concept of this to be honest. Tugging on her jumper to reveal her tattoo. Tugging at her heart sleeve!

Abiento x

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