Monday, 10 October 2011

Journal Writing

Every day we are supposed to write. Our thoughts and feelings and experiences as different artists. As we make our way through the foundation year at Falmouth, we are supposed to write. In a journal.

It turns out that a lot of people seem to find journal writing a lot easier than I do. They seem to automatically understand that their journal comes with drawings, and instructions for the day/project. I struggled with that however. I had thought they were intended to be separate, even though all I wanted was to combine them. And so I have to begin my journal again.

And so in that interested I have decided to make this blog into a sort of Journal for the next 9 months. It makes it a bit easier, and it means I can translate it into my terms; right here.

These posts will be daily, with an end of week evaluation, and are for me really, but also for anyone else interested. But don't worry, the normal posting will continue. The inspiration will hopefully up (as it has lacked lately- sorry) and the weekly scheduled instalments like the 'Week in Photos' and "Friday Fun' will still be going on. In fact, it will still all be going on. But it will include this too. And hopefully be better, and make me better for it too.

Thanks for listening :)

Abiento x

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