Saturday, 8 October 2011

Journal Writing (playing catch up)

Round three, up and running! Proper posts to be started on Monday.

Project 3, my favourite of the three, KIT, the project I chose to present on Thursday in the critique.

Just as a catch up, this project has now been critiqued twice as we did a KIT critique in the workshop, which inspired me to begin researching architecture in relation to this project.

KIT began for me as the project I was most uncertain of, as I never enjoyed woodwork, metal work or d.t in anyway in school! However I began very freely experimenting with the machines, and learning how to use the machines. I simply started making. No plans in mind! And then slowly an idea started to come together, working under the word balance. The project itself is sort of irrelevant I feel, as it's more what's come from it and where I can take it that matters.

The project has led to this;

in depth thoughts about what I want to specialise in
new fields opening of possibility for the above
ideas of installation pieces and human interaction
research into a new building created to fill the space where the twin towers where

and much more talked about in this post.

Final outcome:

Abiento x

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