Thursday, 13 October 2011

Journal Day 22

This morning I had an appointment with the careers office. To discuss my options. And I left none the wiser. However I do think that I need to stop worrying about degrees and courses, and perhaps just except the fact that if I wanted to do a degree, I would know that. I wouldn't feel like I need to do one or should do one. As ever, I am learning that I need to let go a bit. I can't control everything and it's not always best to control everything.

I spent a few more hours finishing off some drawings today, and am slowly learning how to develop drawings and improve them gradually. I am noticing my preferences in my drawings. I prefer heavier, messier lines with tonal lines graduating nearby. I prefer objects such as flowers to draw, with curved shapes that I know and understand. I struggle more with drawing objects, actual real objects, as I feel that my drawing has to look exactly as it is, or look a certain way, and I can't produce that. I don't know how to. I don't have the skill or the drive or the imagination. But I do like drawing natural products with continuous lines and line toning.

Abiento x

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