Thursday, 13 October 2011

Journal Day 21

Life Drawing.

Life Drawing.

Life Drawing made me nervous and unsure. It made me worried about my ever existent poor drawing skills. However, I enjoyed it! I was pretty poor, and made the drawing far too small, but none the less, I did much better than I thought. The figure looked like a figure; a real person, and for that I am pleased.

However the drawing was still much of an experience as you are encouraged for a set amount of time to let go and draw. Just to create lines. When I finally gave in and started doing this my drawing improved. I learnt to let go, and to make marks and to define and develop a drawing.

2 hours of work and I was happy. Much happier than I have been with my previous drawings. You know, considering my ever existent lack of drawing skills.

Abiento x

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