Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

So. It's Monday again. And firstly I feel that I need to apologise for the lack of blogging last week- I was grateful for the break, but I'm back! I'm here again! :) So to begin with, I have lots of inspiration for you!

Staring out this great idea for a way to remember a sweet moment in your relationship- framing a receipt (or something similar) from a meal out/day out etc.

Just like Susan and Rob, friends of my favourite blogger Joanna from A Cup of Jo; who framed a receipt of a couple of coffees they had together on their first date, and have it hanging in their kitchen! So damn cute.

Now I just need to find something from mine and Mike's beginnings 2 and a half years ago.... wish me luck, it's quite unlikely!

Abiento x

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