Monday, 15 August 2011

Holly Young Fascinator Workshop

The lovely Holly Young recently asked me to photograph one of her hen party fascinator workshops, and so I spent last Sunday evening having a relaxing, and extremely girly evening with Holly and 7 other girls :).

Other than having a fantastic evening, and meeting some lovely girls, I'm feeling very lucky that the images from the shoot are going to be used for an advert in Glamour Magazine; running in 3 issues, and also for a feature in Cornish Brides Magazine!! Images will be posted when the magazines are released! :D

But, back to the workshop! Holly can hold a workshop, teaching you and a group of friends, how to create a fascinator just like some of her gorgeous designs. She will take you step by step through the process, and provide all the supplies for this. (The one downside of the workshop for me was that I didn't get to make one!)

For more info on Holly and her workshops- check out her website, and while your at it, give her a little vote for this competition if you wouldn't mind!

Abiento x

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