Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Photo Night Live + Me!!

Such amazing news! I am going to be this weeks emerging photographer on Photo Night Live! I am so so excited to be able to have a chat with Ross Dean the inventor of the fantastic show that is Photo Night Live, and the C.E.O of ShootDotEdit, Jared Bauman.

Basically, if you didn't already know, the aim of the shows from Photo Night Live is to bring an emerging photographer and a professional photographer together to discuss a particular theme. However sometimes an emerging photographer (such as myself) gets teamed up with another industry pro. For instance, one week there was accountant Keith Mortimer while another week they had on Dr Mike Clayton, a time management specialist.

This week, as I said, is with ShootDotEdit, a professional photography editing company who love to handle the post processing stage of a photographers job, i.e the editing and proofing etc. Outsourcing is now proving to be such a great way to help photographers who need more time, or more expertise- and even though I'm new to this, I need both of those things!

So tune in on Friday night to watch me chat with Jared and Ross! I am very excited, and also very honoured!

Abiento x

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Very happy to see that your hard work and dedication is paying off. Proud of you!


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