Thursday, 2 June 2011


Did you know I don't actually like Coffee? Yup I can't stand to drink it. Shocker huh? Especially considering how much I love to make it. I have to say, when I told my manager, I think she nearly had a heart attack. No joke. She was open mouthed in shock for quite some time. Admittedly she had had a few drinks by this point, but she was extremely shocked to discover that her newly hired "coffee geek" doesn't actually drink the stuff...

But boy do I love making it. And smelling it :). Plus, having just perfected my consistency for latte art, I'm loving the images from this article my mum sent me...

All Photos by Chrissy May

Can you tell who each film/ cartoon character is? They're great aren't they! Wish I knew how he did it.... 

Abiento x

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