Thursday, 12 May 2011

Weekly Word Photo (Now Monthly Word Photo)

So, it has been a month, and I have to say it has been a relief to not have the weekly pressure of the image; life was just too busy for that. But I have also missed the forced creativity. I'm not by any means saying that forcing creativity out of yourself if a good way to create an image, but I have taken a big back seat and not really thought about what the image was even going to be. So this month's word (decided only yesterday!) is this:


One thing I lack in my life is dairy. I miss dairy. Honestly I do. Sometimes it just would make life easier if I didn't constantly have to keep an eye out for what is in food, and asking in restaurants what everything is cooked in. Especially when you go to some restaurants and ask, and then still go home that night feeling dreadful and throwing up because clearly they cooked your mushrooms in a cream based sauce. It's hard. No pizza. No yoghurt. My diet lacks the fun and ease of cheese. It lacks the calcium and the protein that milk products give.

However I now find milk itself quite repulsive. Whether or not this is because of the physical effects I feel from eating it, I'm not sure. When I first cut out dairy from my life I used to get a bi-annual craving for milk and glug down a glass of it. Now however I depsise the stuff. I enjoy soy milk. In my cereal, in my scrambled eggs. Lucky for me I don't drink tea or coffee though.... cause I think soy milk would not really work well in that situation....

Soy and sunflower spread is also something I now enjoy. It tastes no different. But is healthier. Soy custard is even better than real custard (even the mr agrees there!), and with some apple crumble I can forget all the worries that might come my way the next time we eat out.

The word for next month will be "Liaison"

Abiento x

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