Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clients and how to treat them

The workshop I am taking part in in July is focused on Branding for your business, and the best ways to do so. So, other than spending a lot of my business thoughts on how I want to brand my business, I also think a lot about the type of business runner I want to be. For example; I want to be the type of person who sends their clients gifts and thank you notes. Because I think it could make someone's day, and I think it makes the world of difference when you treat your clients like the super special people that they are! :)

Here is a great example from Suann, of Simplesong who sent her clients Macaroons as her way of saying thank you (yummy!)

And someone else who agrees with me....(click the link).

This is how I would begin to do this....

Firstly I would wrap up their image disc nicely....and put on of these great stickers on the envelope.

Then I would pop in a thank you card, along with a gift of some kind. Maybe some sweets, or.... I don't know- something nice anyway!

Images found from Paperie Boutique

I also think it's great when Wedding Photographer's send their couples Valentines or Anniversary gifts. So cute!

Would you like to be that type of client? How would you feel if your photographer sent you thank you notes and gifts?

Abiento x

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