Monday, 11 April 2011

What a week

I know that it seemed a bit quiet on the blog last week, but I promise you, it was a busy one for me and this week is not going to be any different! There's quite a lot to share with you, and lots of images on their way too. I have a couple of shoots lined up, plus I'm partaking in some workshops that I'm excited to share with you :)

I also have some images from projects old and new to share with you, plus some new ideas I want to introduce you to. But firstly, I want to share some personal photos from last week.

One thing me and the mr love and cherish about living in Cornwall, is the sea. We especially love jumping into it. Lucky for us a few friends share that joy and we try to venture out whenever we can. Sadly last week due to strong swells and high tides we could only swim... but we still had fun :). I also had the joy of being able to borrow and underwater housing from Simon (which I spent an hour testing the night before....!!)

Because of the plastic of the housing and the water the images look like I took them with a lomography camera and a plastic lens. However I didn't.....

Image taken by Insa, Gaz's gf and the subject of the below image. (Gaz is the crazy guy in the shot above!)

Abiento x

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