Monday, 11 April 2011

Jasmine Star

Today I want to talk about Jasmine Star. Jasmine is an international wedding photographer who started up her own business only 5 years ago. She was only introduced to me this year, but I already love her. I think she is amazing and inspirational. She does what she wants, and goes with what she believes in. It works for her, it really does.

An example of this is how much she shares. She is openly herself, and creates a strong online presence for herself that attracts a certain type of client to her. They know and value who she is as a person, not just a photographer. Another example of this is that she has only just introduced a disk of images into her collections (packages). She believes that as we are now in an online age, the only way to share images with clients, is online. It acts not only as insurance for her images, as they will be constantly backed up and safe online, even if your house burns down, but also as advertising for her brand. Everyone has a phone, or an ipod, or a pad, or a laptop, or some kind of digital sharing platform so why not give clients an easy way to share your images? Her perfect example was that say one her brides is on a plane and is sitting next to a girl who is looking for a wedding photographer. Will the bride be carrying her photo album or box of prints with her? No. But will she be carrying her iPad? Yes! There we go, instant marketing.

But what I love about her the most, is how willing she is to help. Jasmine wants to help others like no one I have ever met before. Do you think it's profitable to spend $10,000 on an advertising campaign? Well Jasmine doesn't- she thinks you might as well donate it anonymously to a children's hospital and then use your services to help the families in ways that they couldn't afford. You will get advertising through this and be known as a good person. Beautiful right!? I mean seriously. LOVE HER.

So as I was saying, she loves to help people, and one of her ways of doing this is working with Creative Live to provide courses and workshops for other photographers. 6-7 hours long, each session is held is a different part of America with students present- but it is also available- for free (!) online. So, Friday and Saturday night what do you think I was doing!? Yup that's right, I was tuning into her!

If you want to start any business yourself, or ever be self employed, I think it is worth tuning in. She knows her stuff. Her method for her photography business is 20% photography and 80% business. Plus she really knows what's she doing. Even though she's only been going for 5 years. Many of the students that were present for the class weren't photographers. There was interior designers, graphic designers, a whole wealth of other people. The important thing to realise, especially for prospective clients, is that any creative person who starts a business- runs a business. It has to be profitable for them to be running a professional photography business. And so a lot of what Jasmine talks about is how to run a business. How she did it, what worked for her, and what she thinks works.

If you really are interested in starting up by yourself, in any creative field then you can buy the 2 day class that happened over the weekend for $99. If you have the money to invest, it's worth it. I promise.

Many many many many and I mean many other photographers also tuned in, and so far the reports back are that they have been inspired. To make changes and to make an impact. They want more, they want to be the best. The fact that one woman can simply share her story and create this impact across the world is huge. She believes that God put her here to share, but whatever it is for you, we are most definitely glad she does it! I have gained so many tips and tidbits of useful information that will apply for any type of photography business I want to run. She has inspired me to be a better human being, as well as a better photographer. Like I said- I kinda love her :).

Abiento x

P.S do you get the feeling that I like this girl.....?!

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