Friday, 1 April 2011

Weekly Word Photo- "Catching"

Hehe I love the word randomiser! Recently it seems to give me something that relates to my week, and I love that.

This weeks word was 'catching'. So, you ask- how does that fit into my week!? Well you see, this week was my housemate Edd's Birthday. He is a geek. Truly. So we had a Pokemon party for him last night! We all dressed up as one of the 150 classic Pokemon characters, and had relevant themed games during the night. Edd's character for the night, was 'Ash' the Pokemon trainer- who has to CATCH all of the different characters (by doing a shot and taking a picture with us!) throughout the evening.....

So admittedly this photo is therefore not really very serious or artistic, but just a bit of fun!

Abiento x

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