Friday, 8 April 2011

Weekly Word Photo- "Argument"

This word kind of makes me jump for joy photographically. It seemed like so much fun! I get to scream at someone? For an image? AWESOME.

This is pretty much the face I bet Mike wishes he could pull when were arguing...

Sadly however I'm starting to feel like the weekly image projects are not getting enough of my attention as they deserve. I don't want to churn out images just to meet a deadline. I want to take my time to creatively produce an image that is worth sharing. I don't want to share adequacy. I feel like this week's image is rather average, and that I could have made an image that much better fits with the idea of awesomeness I had/have in my mind.

Therefore from now on both the Weekly Word Photo project, and the Self Portrait project will become a monthly project, giving me more time to focus on these as well as everything else in my day-to-day schedule. Hopefully we will all see an increase in the quality of images I produce because of this, and hopefully you all will agree!

Abiento x

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