Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Origin Barista Training

I started working in the catering industry when I was 13. I got my first job in cafe through that long legged girl that is my best friend. The family that ran the business at the time are still very close to me, and hopefully always will be. When I started in the industry, one of the first things I learnt was how to use a coffee machine. I prided myself in learning how to create smooth frothy milk for my customers, and after I left the little cafe, I moved onto to bigger and better restaurants and cafe's that gave me the barista training I desired. Since then I have fallen in love with coffee. I can't really explain it, as I don't like to drink coffee- I don't even like to drink tea! I am a water and juice kinda gal :). Yet maintaining a coffee machine, learning about the beans, producing quality crema and even cleaning the machine gives me pride and makes me happy. I love it :) I now become the coffee girl wherever I work.

In some ways this is quite strange to me, as I started out loving the job because of the people and the customers. I am a sociable person. But over the years the coffee has drawn me in, and left me wanting more. I felt that the training I had been offered though work just wasn't enough. Plus, having not had a regular job over the last 2 years, but spits and spats of work, I have become rusty. And so I contacted Origin.

Both times I have had barista training though work, it has been with Origin, and they have always proven themselves to be fabulous. I like working with them, even if I only come into contact with their colourful delivery van and the nice smiley man inside it :). And so, I contacted Origin to see if they could help me. Within a couple of days I had a response saying that they could happily squeeze me onto a course in their warehouse if I wanted. So on Thursday of this week I will be spending my day with lovely gentlemen of Origin Coffee. Next week i will write all about my day with them, and share some images from the day too, but more information on the local Cornish coffee company that is Origin coffee, please head over to their website.

Abiento x

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