Monday, 14 March 2011

Found: Phone Photos

I was scrolling through my Canadian phone the other day and found a lot of old photos from when me and the mr first lived in Canada and from my time at UBC. I found them pretty interesting so thought I'd share them with you guys :)

Going from oldest to newest....

Me and the mr on day 2 of living in Canada (2009)

Me and the mr in our new townhouse apartment (2009)

Hot. Right? (2009)

our little christmas tree for our first christmas together :) (2009)

baldylocks looking gooood (2009)

"G" the adorable girl I nannied for (2010)

and her amazing dog Mojo (2010)

are we zombies? in a bathroom stall near my psych class (2010)

what i wore to my interview at VanArts (2010)

Kwaks got talent night (2010)

Snow at UBC! (2010)

Snow at UBC! (again) (2010)

A totally rad bike at UBC with its own handmade wooden parcel shelf! (2011)

Abiento x

P.S these are totally crappy quality, but they have come straight out of my phone and have not been touched up or edited in any way.

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