Friday, 25 February 2011

Weekly Word Photo: 'Orange'

This weeks Weekly Word Photo comes based on a word yet again recommended by a sister of mine ( I have quite a few...) I asked on facebook for some suggestions, and had two. The word 'wiener' from a friend in Canada, and the word 'orange' from my sister. Quite obviously I went for the latter of the two.......

This alone actually stumped me. I thought about it for days, and wandered around the house looking for inspiration. I even googled the word and ran it through a thesaurus. What I was struggling with was that I didn't want to just take a picture of an orange or the colour orange. Predictably the internet didn't bring anything new or fun. When I was wondering around the house there was quite a lot that was orange. Suprisingly a students life is run by orange things- baked beans, the dishwasher lights that tell you when you can have some clean cutlery (with which to eat your baked beans), mini chedders, fanta, jelly, a mouldy orange..... you get the idea.

In the end this image was chosen from many taken and edited around many variations and ideas of the word orange. I chose it simply because it was my favorite of the bunch, no other reason. I like the bright bright colours! Oh, and it's yummy :) 

Also if you want to see the other orange pictures I took this week, check out my flickr page, where I have put them up.

Abiento x

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