Saturday, 5 February 2011

From our hearts to our hands

This new blog From Our Hearts to Our Hands is a collaboration of Emma Case and her lovely friends that I have talked about previously.

They have started a project where they will choose a monthly word and all take a photo to represent that word. The images will then be posted together as one to show their respective styles and differences.

This months word was 'Breakfast' and this is the result.

So gorgeous.

Abiento x

P.S For copyright purposes all photos and images have been taken directly from the mentioned blog and are therefore creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it. 
P.P.S I will be doing a slight copy of this (sorry girls but it's such a great idea!) for a weekly project. My first word for the upcoming week will be 'work' as that's what me and mr seem to only be doing at the moment! If you would like to recommend a word please let me know!

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