Friday, 4 May 2012

Rachel Taylor- Doing What You Love

So, nearly two weeks ago I begun an online course focusing on Surface Pattern Design. It's run by Rachel Taylor and Beth Nicholls  (founder of Do What You Love) and teaches students, using Rachel Taylor's experience and knowledge, how to create patterns and then turn them into a profitable business. The first module focuses on the creative side of things, starting right at the basics, and progressing forward to the second and third modules which focus slightly more on the business elements.

So far we have just covered the basics, most of which i vaguely knew or understand, but they have know been reinforced, deepened or explained further for me which is great! There are new ways of thinking and drawing which I'm really enjoying and it's so great to not just be inspired to do things, but have actual ways in which to begin doing them. So often you are either given immensely detailed and complication directions to follow that are far beyond your expertise, or your inspired and given no more. I always feel one or the other. So having simples ideas to think about when it comes to drawing simplifies the technique for me and inspires me to actually start doing it. Combining that with this project on the foundation in which I started doing that myself I feel I know have a strong foundation for continuing with pattern design.

I can't wait to see what else the course brings and will no doubt be showing some of what I produce on here soon! :)

Abiento x

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