Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Journal Day 152

Getting everything done on time for this project has been really quite stressful, as in order to have everything professionally manufactured a large amount of time is needed, which I haven't had! Designing and printing everything in 4 weeks is exceptionally tight, and the tea towels and tote bags I have ordered will be delivered just on time on the very day that our assessment starts! Eeshk! Anyway, I have been planning the final show, and how I think I would like it to look in some rough sketches.

Basically the idea is that each product will be displayed in a row, representing the very logical and organised method that has been the style of my project, and has been how my worksheets have been also. This will have a strong visual impact on the viewer, a hit of colour and information.

I will also be displaying some business cards to show the business concept side to my plans and the project, and will have some cupcakes with my designs on them for both the private view, opening day and closing day of the exhibition.

So far I'm really pleased with all of this and think it works well, but am just hoping for all the products to arrive on time and in good condition!

Abiento x

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