Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Journal Day 142- Unused inspiration

As I mentioned yesterday, I can see a couple of ways in which I could have done this project differently, and it is in plain contrast to how I am currently doing it.

At the moment everything I am doing is on a computer. I am designing and creating digitally. I chose to eliminate any chance for possible time wasting or mistakes than can often come from working by hand in the print room. It is hugely time consuming and I felt that I want to be able to quickly and efficiently experiment with the patterns and saw that doing it digitally would allow me to see a range of designs in seconds or minutes rather than days, allowing me to achieve much more.

However when I was browsing through my pinterest I found these:

Original Source here

Lauren Adams

Lara Hardwood. Found here

Lara Hardwood Same as above

Lara Hardwood. Same as above.

Kees Goudzwaard. Found here

Kees Goudzwaard. Same as above.

Kees Goudzwaard. Same as above. 

Melanie Mikecz. Found in her etsy shop here

Harlequin Wallpaper for John Lewis. Found here

Harlequin Wallpaper for John Lewis, found here

Theo Altenberg. Found here

Valerie Roybal

Britt Bass. Found here

Thomas Prinz, Found here

 and thought again about how I could have done so much work with paint, colour and textures. I would have almost ignored the birds, or would have created quite abstract bird shapes or perhaps just used bird outlines, all of which I would have liked but do not feel confident doing. It would have been a hugely experimental project, something I feel would have been more appropriate for part 2 of this course. At this stage I want to be able to create quality work and will save the emotional experimentation for my personal time :). Maybe one day...!

Abiento x

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