Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lost in another world

I love books. It's a fact. I also love stories. And while you might assume that they come hand in hand, I want to explore the stories further outside the realms of books. The stories I love are of people, and lives. Simple and familiar to the lives that we ourselves live. Sometimes a bit of drama or fantasy certainly doesn't hinder a story line, but the life of celebrity doesn't interest me.

These stories are often found now-a-days in tv series, movies and of course, books. I love to have a story to follow and find that I enjoy having something to watch or listen to whilst I'm busy with my daily errands and jobs. Just listening to music or the radio isn't always enough for me. (Sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD!) And so I watch tv series's from start to finish over and over again, spending hours following a long story line.

Recently however I ventured back into the option of books, heading straight for the audio version. Audiobooks allow me to follow a story whilst continuing to do other things (which reading does not allow) and I remember loving a couple of audio books when I was a child. Strangely enough one of my favorite reasons for having audio books around is for running.... I get bored of music and need ridiculously upbeat music to keep me going. Whereas with a story I am interested and happy, the time just flies by.

The one problem with audio books is the price, starting at £10 a decent audio book can reach up £50! I do not have that kind of money.... But what I have found is that a local library will only charge you 50p to rent an audiobook (a cd version can easily be imported into your iTunes to listen to on your iPod and keep forever ;) and at most an extra 50p to reserve them.

I recently borrowed all of the Harry Potter Cd's from the kids section (yup the kids stories tend to be my favorite...easy to fall back into and listen along to!) and I cannot stop listening. I find I'm much happier to get on and do things when I have the lush tones of Stephen Fry to keep me entertained. I cannot recommend them enough!

Do you have any favorite stories or ways of entertaining yourself? Or are you quite happy with the radio, or even silence?

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