Monday, 5 March 2012

Journal Day 106

Project 3 begins today, and the best way to move forward into this project is with a small evalutation of project 2. I have already evaluated it to a certain extent with my project proposal for Part 3, but here I would like to delve deeper into what I really think worked, didn't work, and what I learnt that I would like to take forward with me.

So what did I do in my last project?

Well, I drew lots and lots of street signs. In fact I drew the same two or three over and over again in many different contexts and forms. This became a bit monotonous and did not necessarily help me to learn or develop as much as it could have. 

I used 5 pastel colours that I liked and worked well for me. I stuck to these colours right from the beginning of the project as I loved them so much, and did not explore the colour further with the street signs on my worksheets until I got into the print room. I felt stuck with the worksheets and inspired when I moved into the print room. So much so that the whole project very nearly changed once I moved into the print room, and the final result was not what I expected to come out of the project.

I explored one idea and one set of colours in depth, but did not develop further than that. For this next project I want to begin by exploring a huge range of ideas and colours from which I can make an informed choice to move into the print room with.

I worked in photoshop with colour themes, finding colours that work well together. However I did not pull them into the project itself. With this next project I would like to be able to do that. I have also been interested in designing more in photoshop, and with digital printing and feel that this will work well for me to incorporate new colours from the themes I developed in the last project. 

Throughout Part 2 I did not draw much, and feel that this may have hindered my project slightly. For this project I want to start with drawing, move into exploration and ideas and then go onto the development stage before deciding upon my final outcome. 

I feel that through the course I have learnt a lot about my working style and choices and what works best for me. So with that in mind I know that I want to carry the following things forward into the next project;

  • The choice of a set of colours/theme that can be altered slightly and can be developed into creating a range. 
  • The idea to create a series with the pattern(s) developed that can give more choice.
  • The idea to create a series of products with the patterns- i.e bedding, wallpaper, tea towels, stationery etc. 
  • The use of simple patterns that come from stripes, chevrons and dots. 
  • The development of basic shapes that resonates with and is slightly influenced by patterns from the 50's. 

  • I would also like to explore more with all aspects of the colour/shape and pattern criteria within a pattern. 
  • I would also like to develop my ideas more in photoshop as I feel that this tool can better say what I want it to than my hands can with a pen or pencil. It will be neater, more organised and more aesthetically pleasing. 
  • This can then lead me on to an easier production of the range perhaps through digital printing, but can then allow for future merchandise to be created much quicker and easier. 
Here's to the next project!

Abiento x

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