Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What's in your cupboard?

This cupboard holds hefty responsibilities. It is the only cupboard we have, and we have to share it. We stuff it full of everything we will need for cooking and eating purposes and frequently get annoyed at it when we can't reach what we want because there is too much other crap in the way. Because it is our only space in the kitchen to put our food. Hefty responsibility don't ya think?

Well I kinda lied, we also have this drawer. It's generally pretty empty except for some oats, some root veg and my favorite kitchen utensils that I daren't leave out so as to protect them from harms way.

But the point is, this is the only space we have for our food and condiments and other bits and bobs, and well it's not really enough. Neither is our tiny fridge that has to hold enough food for 6 people. So in many ways we tend to struggle with our cooking and eating requirements. This is what we have in our cupboard. And as I look at new recipes online I wonder how on earth I am going to fit this much fresh food in my cupboard or fridge. And more to the point, how much it is going to cost me.. So I was wondering. What's in your cupboard? What are your weekly staple buys that you buy every single freaking week. And how much do you tend to spend on a weeks groceries? Is that too nosy? I don't know, I'm just curious. So share if you will :).

Abiento x

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