Monday, 6 February 2012

A time of crap

Well, lets just say that last week was crappy. Well and truly crappy. It started off the week before last really, and then got gradually worse. And worse. Everything broke. Twice. Including myself. And that is not even a joke or an exaggeration.

Here is a run down;

So the friday before last my car broke down, had it fixed by Monday. Petrol cap refused to open by that evening however. Felt well enough to go back to exercising on Tuesday (after my cold) so went to netball. Woke up Wednesday feeling like death. True death. Went into uni and dropped my phone onto a concrete floor. So this happened.

Friday morning went to drive into town to get it fixed and my car broke down again. Got a lift into town and got phone fixed. Naturally phone was not fixed and had to take it back so they could restore it to it's broken glory and give me a refund. Went to take car to garage and made it 100m down the road. So obviously had to wait for a tow. My car seems to love to wait until Friday as well so that any necessary parts have to be ordered over the weekend resulting in at least 3 days with no car. So am now even more ill than before, with a car even more broken than before and a phone that cannot be fixed (just yet). Perfect. Anddd it's monday! woop woop! Here's to hoping that this week goes a little bit better than the last!

Abiento x

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