Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Journal Day 101

Into the triple figures now! And with only 58 days to go we are nearly half way through! Looking forward to this and to the next project! After a tutorial and a project proposal this morning, I have added a subject matter onto my project and have great plans for moving forward. Jane highlighted the fact that my portfolio has very little drawing in it (something that tutors have been brining to my attention since secondary school....) and so I am to spend the rest of this week and next week drawing! I am going to start by drawing almost anything, focusing on the shapes and colours in my surroundings, where ever I am; so sat in bed, or at the coffee shop etc. Then I will get out and explore a bit, and might go over to Paradise Park to look at the birds. I will be taking photos and observational drawings of them and their colours, and will have to do some research into the ways of drawing birds and the human figure (which I am also interested in incorporating based on my previous illustrations taken from photos) I think that I will end up drawing in quite a scrawly way, and sadly my favorite artist who I have in mind, was one that I found in an art house in Berlin. I have no idea of how to find her or her work though as she is a really unknown artist and was showing in the art house (read slum house) that we visited. Anyway, I'm excited to have a new focus and to be able to continue with the ideas and discoveries I have made in part 2! I seem to be coming back to old ideas a lot here and hearing Jane repeating herself over the year about taking risks and working with colour and paint.  I don't know whether it's me being slow, or whether I've just struggled to come up with the right ideas and setting to implement mediums that I don't enjoy, but I'm finally gonna play around with paint and collage in a way that I know will be successful. I think it's much harder than people think to sit and experiment, as it has to be much more focused and specific than people imagine. Sometimes it's hard to be creative! Anyway, I'm really excited, and am so so glad that I get to continue with the work, giving me momentum, lots of ideas and generally quite a streamlined feeling to myself and my work! Big smiles all round today. (except when I'm busy coughing!!)

Abiento x

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