Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Journal Day 87

Wow Day 87. I just read that.

So had a very successful tutorial day, and have been assured that any of my worries about not producing art and being an 'artist' are silly. Having someone with experience look at your work and be able to judge your character and potential from it is really quite something. I have now been able to establish that I am a surface pattern designer. Not a textiles artist- yay! I don't really care for fabric, it's just the means to an end and it is the pretty patterns and colours that interest me more than the texture and fabric itself. Which is great, because it means I now have a direction with all the explorative work I have been doing and can sketch possible outcomes for the fabric or patterns that I design. A whole series even. And the great thing about that? Well, it links perfectly to my future business, where I plan on selling such items, made by me or not they will be very similar. So that is perfect! Very happy reassured and have lots of work to be getting on with!! Next up on the experiment list- watercolours and ink (both fabric and paper)! Here I come :)

Abiento x

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