Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Journal Day 57

Today I had a productive day. Just like planned! I finished off the rubbish length of fabric (it's still a bit rubbish) and then did another one (very well) in a turquoise blue. When this was finished I felt that it was quite bare and plain; I'd like to go back to it later on this week and add more. Whether that means filling in details with more colour, or stitch. Or that could mean cutting out individual swirls and applying them to a new background.

So I pinned up a new bit of fabric and stood there staring at it and thinking. I like to think about the work I do. Sometimes I get annoyed with art courses for constantly forcing us to use worksheets and drawing books to develop our ideas. We are supposed to take our work and try different things over and over again before we do something new to show development. But sometimes I have an idea. So I like to do it. Normally when I then try to make experimental samples to develop the idea, they are all rubbish and in the end a bit of a waste of time. So I'd rather just have an idea and do it.

So today I did it. I blocked out a blue square, and printed a small selection of my pattern onto the fabric. Once done, I used a pencil, dipped in the same colour ink to place small dots all over the fabric. I still felt like it needed more colour and so used a paintbrush to fill in select and random places with yellow ink. I still feel like it needs more, but the pattern was starting to blur my eyes so I have left it for now.

When there was just a blue square on my fabric I had been quite inspired, with lots of ideas of what I could do to the space. So I have a few more things to try out; including a random piece with different coloured squares and triangles that overlap. This is also to develop and show a heightened awareness of colours and they work together. More on that to come as it 'develops' this week!

Abiento x

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